The revolutionary ecommerce platform where dealers and buyers meet LIVE!

The marketplace with 'wow' effect.

Wowket is an Italian start up born in 2013 that aims to simplify sellers’ lives making them earning more money in less time.

We can consider wowket as the new online marketplace for selling via Internet streaming and to interact with customers at the same time.

Thanks to the innovative tools of live streaming and interactive chat integrated in the latest generation ecommerce platform, the sellers can show and sell their products or services from a virtual stage. To amaze our audience sounds very easy! wowket - logo

How we built it

Wowket is the brainchild of my ex-boss and mine, when we were sitting in front of a couple of beers. The best ideas come always out when you are toasting.

After the brainstorming activity about how to shape the solution we would like to offer, we tried to understand which was the best Content Management System to use in order to support our needs. After a deep research evaluation analyzing all the available CMSs on the market we decided to use Drupal. For its reliability, possibility of customization, performances, support and its open source key feature.

Just after this brainstorming phase we led a benchmark analysis focusing on the main important ecommerce Internet ecommerce platforms. wowket - sketches

The solution

In 2013 the proportion of users accessing ecommerce website via mobile and tablet devices hit 40%. For this reason wowket needed to ensure each user had a great experience, no matter where they were or what device they were using to access the site. The ecommerce platform needed to capture the imagination of their users and keep them coming back to the site day in and day out to check the latest offers on the site and to participate to live deals wherever they were.

The website has a double purpose. On one hand to give customers the chance to take part to deals in the easiest and fastest way possible. Buying their desired products and to make the best deal. On the other hand the site gives to resellers the possibility to create their personal stores. To add hundreds of products, customize them and to then sell them in live streaming to their customers.

For this reason we subdivided the user interface in two main sections. Each section has a separate access according to the logged in user role. If the user is a potential buyer he can explore products and stores, check product prices and pictures and so on. If the logged in user is a reseller he has access to his dashboard too. The user can check his sales trend, shipment details, products status and so on. Two different user interfaces for two different types of users. Wowket7

My role in the team

UX Process

My role in the team was to direct the design team in order to build the best ecommerce platform with the most innovative interactive solutions on the market. It was such an important and challenging role.

Together with other 6-team members I led the UX strategy behind the website realization. In total the team consisted of a lead designer (me), 2 CMS and front-end developers, 2 ux designers, 2 graphic and visual designer. Leading the team I was also responsible of the site user experience and interaction due to my personal skills and experience on this field. In the following picture you will se some initial selected wireframes used for the resellers dashboard. wowket - wireframe

Then, some product details with the visual design of the same item according to its status and availability. wowket - details

Finally, a grid detail aimed to show the proportion and schematic approach used for the site design. wowket - structure


Wowket has been used for several deals in the latest years. Local shops like Jolly Sport, Edital, and many others local stores used the live ecommerce platform to sell their products. The result was amazing: in less than 10 minutes of live product presentation resellers were able to sell more than 25 products per deal. For instance, thanks to the Jolly Sport show-man’s creativity and ability, the deal was reached by more then 35 people earning more than 1,2 k euros in one single deal.

After one year wowket was featured by Drupalcommerce as one of the most important websites in his gallery. Together with websites like Kenzo and Cartier.

wowket - featured

Unfortunately the beautiful things are the first ones to die. After 3 years of success, wowket stopped to receive investments and due to management issues it is now unused and unsupported on the Internet. It was anyway very challenging for me to ideate a so new and disruptive experience. We had our small success, therefore I’m proud I have been part of this exciting project.

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