What's on your phone's home screen?

Being inspired from creatives' phones home screen.

inVision article
July 31, 2015

We check our phones an average of 150 times a day. With that sort of frequency, we wondered: how do creatives organize their phone? Into neat folders? By color? Utility?

So this week, we asked you to share screenshots of your phone’s home screen. Take a peek at what your fellow creatives see every time they unlock their phone.

Jacqueline Lane, Sr Designer at Loblaw Digital

Mike Carrick, Sr. Manager of Digital Strategy for RBC Wealth Management & Global Asset Management

Lauren Steinberg, Director of Marketing at Loblaw Digital

Calvin Cheng, Lead Product Designer at Kira Academic

Rachel Ma, Art Director and Graphic Designer

Keep reading this article at inVision Blog. Many other home screens available there.

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